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Nano Spray Gun Sanitizer Sprayers USB Rechargeable Handheld Steam Disinfection Sprayer Gun Humidifier for Home Garden


  • Advanced Spray Machine: With NORDMOND you can easily clean full rooms in under 5 minutes. More effective than manual hand wiping, pump spraying or mopping. The spraying range is about 2-4 feet. No preheating is necessary. The high volume cold mist will allow you to evenly clean large areas in less time
  • Wide Application: The NORDMOND sprayer is powerful enough to be used by cleaning professionals yet easy enough to be used by small business owners and homeowners who want to clean their own spaces. The cordless feature allows you to use the sprayer without having to drag a cord around the entire area.
  • USB Rechargeable and Portable: Equipped with a large capacity of a 4800mAh rechargeable battery, this electric wireless sprayer can be charged via USB Type C cable and support a long daily-use time up to 120 minutes. Also this sprayer is highly portable and can be used anywhere you need to use it.
  • Touch Switch Adjustment: Equipped with a 13 oz (380 ML) container, our sprayer can adjust the amount of spray by pressing the Low/High button on the top of the product and with it’s super strong effect you will not miss any corner.
  • Safety note: Always wear hand, eye, and breathing protection when operating our sprayer. After use, please clean the tank and straw with water/detergent to avoid clogging due to the cleaning products corroding the sprayer gun parts. Keep all electrical connections dry.


  • Product name: Nano spray gun
  • Working voltage: DC3.7V
  • Current: 15W
  • Bottle volume: 380ml
  • Spray distance: 1~1.5 meters
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Charging voltage: DC5V/1A
  • Charging cable type: Type-C

Package Included:

  • 1*Spray gun
  • 1*Charging cable


Wireless Electric Sanitize SprayWireless Electric Sanitize Spray





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Model Number

Sanitizer Sprayer



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atomizer spray bottle

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alcochol spray

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spray bottle

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19 reviews for Professional Disinfectant Fogger Machine, Sanitizer Sprayer

  1. P***p

    Não era bem o que eu queria, mas é um equipamento bem interessante.

  2. Customer

    포장상태 및 제품불량이었는데 빠른 환불처리 과정은 만족합니다.

  3. K***e

    빠른배송 감사합니다.이게 잘 모르겠네요..처음 써봐서…파란색이 소독도 되는건지….분산은 거의 미세수준임..뿌리고 만져봐도 손에 물이 뭍었다는 느낌은 없음..좋네요..이 물건..ㅋㅋ

  4. Customer


  5. K***r

    성능은 좋은데 물분자가 생각보다 굵고 led창 표시기능이 바뀌는것 없이 두개 다 켜져 있네요 사용하는덴 별 지장이 없어서

  6. D***r

    very good

  7. B***o

    excelente recomendado

  8. R***r

    그냥 일반 손으로 뿌리는 분무기 수준이네요 가게 살균용으로 하는데 그냥 그저 그렇습니다

  9. 3***r

    아주좋아요 배송은 적혀있는 날짜에 정확히 배송됩니다 크기도 견고함도 다좋아요 싸게사서 더 좋아요

  10. Customer

    아직 소독제가 없지만 램프 잘 들어오고 작동 잘 되네요 아기 있는집에 필묘할듯

  11. M***o

    el producto funcionó solamente un rato y luego dejó de funcionar se siente de muy mala calidady se le la etiqueta

  12. L***n

    I received the product well. Delivery was fast and safe. And the quality of the product was good. The customer response was great, too. I hope your business will go well. And I’ll use your store for the next order.

  13. M***s

    top dankend erhalten

  14. C***g

    i don’t need to use my finger to press the top of the spray bottle anymore.

  15. P***C

    Can’t see any mist/ fog coming out. Leave it on for half hour, disinfectant remains the same volume in the bottle.

  16. Customer

    vendedor otimo, reaponsavel produto chegou em otima condiçoes. recomendo esse vendedor.

  17. C***m

    the store very good

  18. A***n

    ordered 2, 1 for me and 1 for my sister. works good so far and i have no issues

  19. K***r

    소독약 입자가 너무 크네요 물이 막 나와 싸구려 티가 너무나네요

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Professional Disinfectant Fogger Machine, Sanitizer Sprayer
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